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How To Exhibit

FaceTime is the promotional body for face-to-face marketing. Think Events, Exhibitions and Experiential marketing. It was founded in early 2010 to provide expertise and guidance for marketers and businesses, explaining why and how face-to-face marketing works and to get the very best out of it.

Be Prepared

The better prepared you are before and during an exhibition - the more results you will have afterwards. Here are a few pointers to take onboard:

  • Set measurable objectives.

    Write down exactly what you wish to achieve when exhibiting. e.g. 150 qualified sales leads.

  • Choose the right exhibition.

    Select the exhibition that attracts the visitors you want to meet.

  • Design your stand to meet your objectives.

    Good stand design helps deliver your exhibition objectives.

  • Train, train, train.

    80% of the success of your stand is down to your staff SO TRAIN THEM.

  • Talk to strangers.

    At an exhibition there is no time to be be shy - speak to everyone.

  • Can I help you?

    Not a good opening question as the answer is almost always NO. Ask open questions that require more than a one word answer.

  • Record.

    You must must must record and classify all your leads.

  • Don't.

    Use a mobile, eat on the stand, sit down, have your back to the aisle, have a messy stand or have cheap tacky giveaways.

  • Follow-up.

    If you don't follow-up your leads then there is no point to exhibit. Make sure you follow-up all your leads at least six times after the show.

You can find more information on www.facetime.org.uk or contact OTSA directly if you have decided to take your business to the next level.