OTSA Branding


  • Show Dates: 27 March - 29 March 2019
  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Country: Singapore

Exhibiting at MEDLAB Asia Pacific provides an exceptional combination of networking and corporate branding opportunities is perfect opportunity to boost your company's profile.

It will bring together the leaders in the medical laboratory industry at an event designed to create maximum interaction and meeting opportunities where manufactures, dealers and distributors can promote their brands, meet potential customers and entertain existing clients.

Aligning your brand with such an exceptional and exclusive global event sends a clear message to all of your stakeholders. The dynamic and interactive envionment at MEDLAB asia pacific will bring you countless new business opportunities.

Showcase your products and solutions to a room full of potential buyers, distributors, dealers and suppliers.


More info : https://www.medlabasia.com/en/home.html